Gary Jacobson


‘Tis the eve before the battle
When I lay me down to sleep before the dawn
Dreams come feverishly with evil death rattle
Heart and spirit caustically drawn.

‘Tis the eve before the bar of judgment I go
To present my case for life… or grisly death
Dreaming of carnage war’s cruel day will sow
Feeling o’er me whispers of destruction’s incarnate breath.

Oh I hear evil spirits chasing o’er me
Feel their demonic hate and killing chastising me
Un-wetted tears from deep in my gut flow dry and free
Perking up my adrenaline, preparing to be, or not to be.

‘Tis the eve I’m most exposed before my Master
Wondering if I’m doing His bidding
Or simply with the dark demon of lies courting disaster
Amid a wanton, senseless aura of bestial killing.

‘Tis the eve I most need His love
I need His comforting spirit with me, home and family
Oh prepare me for His courtyards above
Bring me sweet peace as I fight for liberty.