Gary Jacobson


Oh, the mad dogs grimly march forward blindly
Vying for victory in this land of fevered sun
Bringing heinous death barbarously
Abiding cruel savageries knowing gun.

O can’t you hear war’s impassioned madness
Pounding war guns shake the earth beneath
Hear a thousand warriors tramping feet
God’s armies bearing hostilities ardent absurdness
Cacophonies harsh beat that will never sound retreat.

Stamp ever onward through fertile fields
Where death rides scourging winds afore
Molding in potter’s fields with gnashing teeth
Lusty battalions carnivore
Gory spoils of war bequeath.

No man can stem battle’s terrible maelstrom
Bring down banners spewing hate
Forestall creeping shadow of coming doom
Lay still the hands of time and fate.
For flaring nostrils bear hatred’s tide
To the warfare’s horrors consummate
Planting man’s inhumanity to man biocide
People’s dueling for systematic genocide.

O will you but honor the death will befall us
Men carrying before the shield of Holy Angelus
For we assuredly fight for right
In strength and power of most Holy might.

For war’s madness will ever come calling
Again and yet again
Amid sword beating and macho trumpeting
To pluck from generations’ brightest flower of men.

Generation after generation
Will fight to disburse maddening evil hiding within us
Answering the call to misdirected veneration
Forever spreading war’s contagious virus.
Again striking time and yet again.

Submitted for the June 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Time