Gary Jacobson


My foxhole buddy, Gary Powers
My foxhole buddy, Gary Powers
Soars a warrior Phoenix swiftly across Nam’s sun rising
For brave fighting men routing war’s monster searching
Flying on blades of steel consumed in fiery ashes
Beating wings risen in a soldier’s inner-being thrashes
Renewed cold spring rain jungle heat washes
The warrior Phoenix soothes nightmarish anxiety
Heals Night-sweats full of insanity
Calms flashback’s inanity with bloody reality
Sweeping in to heal warriors needing blessing
Bringing blessed succor to wounded spirits caressing.

The warrior Phoenix flies on mighty wings
Blades of steel bearing remedial healing
To old warrior’s still abandoned in jungle depths hurting
From long ago fight still red blood bleeding
Still in war’s maelstrom careening
Spiritually lost from the stormy cruel war
Restorative to wounds body and spirit bore
Still carrying war’s seeds planted once so sore
Carrying abhorred guilt from battle’s primal lust
Forever saddened with the loss of trust.

The Phoenix rises from desolation to immortal
Through war’s destruction to mortals vulnerable
Triumphantly flying where old warriors invincible
See the very streaking shadows hauntingly move
Flashes impacting burning hellfire’s prove
Bearing in his talons sharp and smooth
Reviving forsaken dreams abandoned by weary hearts
Still so raw the demons, bearing hatreds fiery darts
To heal intense heat burning without a sound
Still shimmering across battlefield’s verdant ground.

The fiery Phoenix with impunity, gives immunity
Releasing death’s vile chastening perilous penalty
Regenerating the profound warrior’s throe
Sorely wounded in the fire of an embittered foe
The Phoenix patches battered holes buried deep
Freeing caustic souls bruised where demon’s keep
Carrying sacred symbols of fire and divinity
Borne on mighty wings of holy sanctity
Swooping from celestial heavens on high
Healing power in a single tear drop from his eye.