Gary Jacobson


Forever live with pride
Never forgetting those who for us died
Never your honors under a bushel basket hide
For how are they to know unless you show
You loved your country with all your heart
For freedom by strength of arms and sinew impart
Good men for liberty fought
For reverent homage the freedom of men wrought
Courage the rainbow after the rain of pain bought
Perish the thought should despots’ tyranny prevail
Mandated through tempest storms of fire wind and hail.

Remember where we lost ourselves in the struggle
Veterans flew our living banner the American eagle
Offering fire and light of empyrean sacrifice
Seeking no landed estate or benefice
Never waver… well, hardly ever
Liberty for all, our earnest endeavor
God’s succulent freedom’s savor
Vets feel freedom bears responsibility obligatory
Law and commandment recital of honor’s fabled story
The path to peace in supernal glory.