Gary Jacobson


Colin, I heard rumor from us you’re leaving
From a place where you did so much creating
Dreaming … speculating
Of a bright new day
You are IWVPA
We’ve long clung to every word you say.

Your spirit permeates every nook and cranny
Here where we’d laugh at witticisms many
Forever without end…
Forever, my friend.

Your words were but conjectures pondering
Elucidating what we were all wondering
Exploring the secrets of life
About its things that brought you strife…

You were never hesitant to tell
What you felt of heaven or hell
Sometimes harshly
Many times lovingly
With smooth words caressingly
Betimes bluntly… always concisely!

You always spoke clearly your fertile mind
Sometimes even members maligned
While bestowing upon us your poetic treasure
Poignant words without measure;
Never reticent to tell people what you meant
Many hours here you spent

I hope you enjoy adventures in the beyond awaiting
O the explorations there you’ll be doing
Always questioning Forever probing!
We sincerely hope your travels you’ll be enjoying.

Colin, we will surely miss you
Always remember you
Think fondly of you
Rest well, my friend…
You were always your own man
Strong yet frail, as many brothers tortured by Vietnam.

Submitted for the October 2012 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Colin F. Jones ~ Wordsmith And Friend