Gary Jacobson


The peacemaker cometh, clean and pure
Bearing for the world’s ills a sacred cure
Rushing before mountain winds wild and swift
Out of the high places bearing special gift
Covering all like a lake shimmering
Bringing peace on earth to those with hope dimming
Buoyed on hallowed gossamer wings
Gabriel’s celestial trumpet serene rings
As triumphant heaven sings

Rise up and be heard
Rise above war’s maelstrom absurd
From far and away out of setting sun
Let it be known the journey has begun
To shake off shackles of bondage
To raise mankind from fields of evil carnage
Bearing dispatch to love thy neighbor
Make this world kinder

Proclaim that peaceful message as a lion roaring
Soft from mountain peak as a lamb whispering
Full of hope gentle and mild
Humble with innocence of a child
Soaring out mouths of war eagles blowing
Hear ringing everlasting meaning
In gentle rain softly crying
In eternal love of Shangri-La dreaming

There is no force stronger
No happiness greater
Than with your fellow man peace on earth to share
Forged in vision glowing in lightning there
Crashing louder than thunder
Carnal evil’s torn asunder
Sing it sweetly above death’s vile silence
Abiding in a tortured souls divine essence

Nurture in your heart its place bountiful
Make the world truly in pure fragrance beautiful
Shout its message from the mountaintops
That message which hateful enmity stops
Whisper the ideal to the willing ear
Pass on joyous words in tribulation hear
With all being share cheerful stories glory
Let peace fill mankind with love’s harmony

The peacemaker will mankind’s pain heal
In his heart the tears of the world to feel
Destroying on earth Armageddon’s heat
Satanic powers to unseat
Make civil again all civilization
Proclaim exultant elation to every nation
For there are no wars-to-end-all-war
Only loving peace can end all war

The peacemaker bears comfort in loving hands
To ease the anguish of weary lands
Borne in calming delight our guiding light
No longer need for angered fight
To in meadows of grief sow a peaceful seed
Abolish human temptation in gluttony’s greed
Weed tares of hate, nevermore to annoy
Grow in peaceful fields of ecstasy, harvest joy

The peacemaker cometh
Bearing Peace on Earth
Goodwill to men lives
O, the thrill that sentence gives
Love for our fellow man we’ll not forget
Candled in hearts forever lit
See the dove of peace spread great luminous wings
O hallelujah, hallelujah, how my heart sings!

Behold, a wise peacemaker is not a pacifist
For peace cannot always come peacefully to exist
Peace a bane to hearts so hard they will not have it,
Cannot conceive it, nor abide it
For sweetest songs of brotherly love I fear
Turn sour in fanatical hatreds evil ear
Radicals shout, “my way or no way,” hear
For those espousing hatred in contempt make clear…

The peacemaker to evil is not benevolent
For to peace, love and hatred is not ambivalent
So to make this world a better place insist
On aggressive peace antiterrorist
To obtain human right, all evil must be rooted out
Burned as winnowed chaff, sifting good from bad rout
Make human rights self evident,
Relevant to common rights holy reverent
Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness sweetly ambient