Gary Jacobson


The Patriot RoseO come smell the patriot rose
Adorned in sweetest calm’s perfumed repose
Touched by ambrosial breath of peaceful prose
Inspiring heavenly scented songs poets compose
Biding sparkling liberty, from vibrant colors arose
Aromatic air rife with patriot’s freedoms chose
Indeed, the heavenly choir sings joyous tribulations
Sonorous rhythms exaltations
Honoring this proud rose
That worldly thorns, tares and thistles overthrows.

O come smell the patriot rose
Inspiring bravery in men to an evil tyrant depose
Now when the battle’s all around us won
Big guns stilled… every one
Bombing runs stopped, their duty done
Time now for peaceful accord
Time for rights of the people in brotherhood restored.
So long may she proudly stand
Her vibrancy inspiring this patriotic band.

O come smell the patriot rose
From a beauteous land that inspired heroes
Who self-rule, self-reliance, self-determination’s propose
O come rise from hiding in bunkered burrows
Breathe in the sacred purpose in glory delight
The patriot rose instilling in all mankind, blessed right.
Yet deadly skirmishing continues with enmity’s still
Velvet night winds with vile hatred fill…

O come smell the patriot rose
That evil’s maniacal machinations oppose
Ripped from the hand the tyrant too long concealed
Patriotism benevolent, this ancient and holy land restored
Its sacred heart set free, like the dove loosed
From he who like the coward he is vamoosed.
Torn from he who to his people thumbed his nose
By a people who pompously grandiose affectations expose
By shock and awe administered retribution in mega-dose
So no more will his poisoned tongue wag verbose.

O blessed be the saintly patriot rose
Breathe in beautified ambiance where no longer sorrow grows
Who offers peace, arrayed with might, in glorified hues
Majestically arrayed in red, white and blues
Do not this blessed moment lose
For too long you’ve paid a despots sacrificial dues
From democracy, freedom or dictatorship, pick and choose
By patriotism, precepts of liberty sanctified will now unloose.