Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: The Next GenerationWe old veterans are no longer young men,
Though passion for freedoms still burn strong,
Looking out on the younger generation
To whom the flame of liberty does now belong.

Will they honor our legacy;
Will they think our fight a travesty?
Will they answer the call
Be willing in innocence to give their all?

Will they follow in a warrior’s footstep,
Fight the latest in a series of wars-to-end-all-wars
That through history creep?
Repeat our misstep
Battles fought and won through tragedy,
Battlefields shining bright with our blood gory
A glorious page in our nation’s story?

Will they schlep a gun or tote a mortar,
Worship at the God’s of war altar?
Or will they from our folly learn the sense of peace,
God’s true way,
That hatred’s disputations might forever cease.