Gary Jacobson

Gary’s buddies dig a foxhole…THE FORGOTTEN

It’s a long, long way to the forgetting
That I may never make the journey to erase the hurting
To heal the hating,
To quit myself berating
To console myself with the living
To forget the life inside me dying.

It’s a long, long way to the forgetting
Brothers-in-arms before me parading.
Join again in mending life’s smashed pieces
Scattered asunder by weary war, wherein very life ceases
Hungering, thirsting, yearning for what peace is
O how sweet the releases.

It’s a long way to the forgetting
To put down the revolt borne in famished souls fomenting
To find yourself rotting on our world’s tarnished heap
Long ago, in ancient ages buried, tamped down so deep
I long to quit making that nightly journey back there
Back into the past, into the heart of nothingness I stare.

Find that boy lost back there, his frail innocence in despair
Hope lost in innate futility, virtue mangled despoiling disrepair
Search where tormented values died, rent to pieces bare.
It’s hard to resurrect feelings, again start to care.
O, I long for the green fields
Those peaceful, serene fields where my mind yields…

All heaven implores you to go to war… you must do it…
Your humanity depends on it.
For some want us to do it again… and again… and again
Send future childlike souls to the battle to rend
Wake again, ye weary souls from peaceful rest
Renew the hating spread at our bequest.