Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: The First TeamI’m a red blooded son of the First Air Cavalry
Sent to defend the bulwark of liberty
The First Team
Who all who love America deem
Hard Corps fighting men
To combat by brave exploits nefarious sin
Carried to war on the backs of steel horses
Thrust snorting into combat’s evil abysses
Into the very pits of war’s hell
Mid fiery smoke and cordite’s noxious smell
Sent to protect those who on the earth dwell
To on distant shores lay lives on the line
For the betterment of all mankind
These noble men of chivalry
Bearing a royally brave ancestry
Whether in World War I or II
Evil doers they eschew
Whether in Korea, the Ia Drang, Afghanistan, or Iraq
The First Team’s always there to mount the attack
To stave off world apocalypses
Fighting in purgative catharses
To bring a warrior’s salvation
To save the righteous from imminent destruction
Contending with evil to win God’s victory
Bringing strength to the weary
The 1st Air Cavalry
Author’s of liberty
The First Team, hope of all creation
Morality incarnate of our nation
Their story told in valiant glory
Toughest fighting men in the annals of history
Guided by spirits of valiant conquerors
Smiling in the face of war’s terrible oppressors
Masters defending Christendom
Warriors restoring hallowed freedom
Into the maw of Hell we just went
Where we were sent
To give succor to those sorely oppressed
By the red stain of war possessed
To restore sacred democracy blessed
The First Cavalry bore the good fight
Sanctified in their might
Vanquishing hatred
Vanguards of the Divine sacred
Who with the strength of their good right arm
Restoring peace where there was harm
These bright champions of God’s light
Sent to defend the very right
To comforting solace bring to the teary
To safeguard the downtrodden dreary
These warrior instruments of our nation
Princes of creation
These conquerors of barbarity
These vanquishers of bestiality
Challenging man’s inhumanity
Sent to root out injustice
Sacrificing their all to pay the price
Keeping alive the American Dream…
America’s First Team!