Gary Jacobson

(When I Thought I’d Died)

Is this the beautiful morning given for me to die?
On patrol scanning the horizon for Charlies
Thirty minutes before among primrosed grasses I shattered lie
Thirty minutes before suffering life and death’s grand indignities
Thirty minutes before the mortal end of earthly sight
Sweet-and-sour winds sing sweetest lullabies
Before my soul banana-wood greenery’s bedight
Sending a weary soul hovering mid soft blown skies.

Nam’s palm frond foliage shades my aching head
Eyes closed in sweetest serenity
As wispy clouds line my feathered bed
Embracing eternal harmony…
Not alive, but neither dead
My shrouded being floating above my essence
Torn from my soldier’s blood
Bringing sweet obsolescence
To spirit wrung out of Nam’s cankered mud.

Quiet peace all round is now all I know
Wrought through times of pain and torment
No longer a pawn of bestial war raging below
At rest above verdurous firmament
Vestiges of life seeping in and out through my soul
I was never really part of it, so do not lament
Never have I known such a calm tranquility
As when standing at the door of all eternity.