Gary Jacobson


A warrior’s a demon
A citizen most uncommon
Who wears his patriotism on his sleeve
To bear the cost of freedom his homeland will leave
This sworn enemy of tyrants
This antagonist’s bane of despots.
He takes up arms at his country’s clarion call
Trumpets sounding loud and clear for the rights of all
To write a solemn oath with his blood
To face-off with evil beside fraternal brotherhood.

The warrior is mankind’s uncommon savior
Taking on the mantle of a Christian soldier
Going where darkness of evil-doers bedight
Vowing to bring to the world new light
Valuing above all sacred liberty in justice
Through his sacrifice to combat greed born avarice
To give to the downtrodden the gift of choice
Free speech to proclaim freedom’s voice
Loosening bonds of neighbors fettered
Breaking chains by despot’s shackled.

Gallant warriors for mankind
Face foul oppressors with an axe to grind
Put all life and existence on the line
To contend with the spurious adulterine
To suffer dehumanizing inanities
Death in the muck, mud and blood insanities
Forging through war’s egregious humilities
This warrior demon pondering the question, why…
So others will endure no more the dictator’s lie
Forlornly at the hand of terrorists die.

Larry Burrows: Cambodia 1970
Photo: Larry Burrows ~ Cambodia 1970