Gary Jacobson


Today I will almost die…
No lie!
But I just don’t know it yet.
My death will make Charley’s day, I’ll bet
This morning he shot at me from the tree line
But this time … for now … I’m fine!
But later today I will almost die…
I’ll surely make my mother cry!

Charley’s bullets pocked earth at my feet … but missed
No grander feeling exists than being shot at … and missed!
As if by glorious heaven kissed…
But don’t go gettin’ dinky dau cocky
Charley’ll have plenty chances to drop me
Cause that’s what war’s all about… no doubt
Constant fear of grim death n’ killing hovering about
Marching step-by-step to destiny without hue or shout!

Every day I silently relive the baited fright
Dream of buying it when we’re humping, eating, sleeping tonight
The brother’s laugh raucously
Spilling bravado with bravery
Like we’re on a big campout
GOOD MOOOORNING VIETNAM, every morning we shout
Joking frivolously like we’re hangin’ on a street corner
“Death won’t get me,” we mock evil destruction’s grave coroner.

Every day, every night, through fragranced air
Floats death’s soundless despair
Soldier’s live with death
Smell its fetid breath
I go on humping … though later today I will fall
I just don’t know it yet, that’s all
One foot after the others
Humping banana plantation and savannah with brothers.

The grim reaper counts warrior souls marching below
Casts lots to see who this day receive gifts he doth sow
Oh who will it be… Let’s see? Oh my God, it’s me!
The Devil’s rap
Trip wire booby trap.
Grenade detonates an artillery round
Doc Bryant, plug the hole quick, get on the horn…
Medevac him off to destiny, to live … or die!