Gary Jacobson


We were not taught to kill
Neither sow nor reap the whirlwind’s gust
For such anger does not God’s purpose fill
To simply take another’s life in demonic lust
Though bristling rough raucous the thrill
See impassioned men die before your blade in bloody dust
Killing has to be learned like a skill
Following corporate greed by law they must
Nourish with anguished blood forsaken ravine or hill
Lay down mortal lives in the carnal harvest.

Killing goes against all moral teaching
Reborn time and again in horrid night sweats
Boring eternally deep into our souls far reaching
Repaying again and again our spiritual debts
With mighty fists of suppression now groveling
Anger seared by adrenaline, war’s memory begets
Makes thousands of mothers grieve…
We need be reeducated from what parents carefully taught
To march to war so gung-ho naive
To embrace a world’s arch-fiend our weary souls bought.

Boys still wet behind the ears every generation leave
Principles by church and society religiously wrought
Sent to fight for what men tell them to believe
Going forth bravely into the mouth of guns
Despoiling the plans of grand creation
Youth’s principles too oft outruns
Advancing this sovereign nation
Marching valiantly to glory win for posterity
Caught up in the devilish action
To install on the world, American democracy!