Gary Jacobson


Taps fills the suddenly sacred air
Mournful sound saturates with deep despair
Laden with sweetest pain sorrowed
Touching hearts by respect weighted
Laid beneath mortal sod
Honoring a soul gone home to live with God
Holy Spirit now in veneration
Give loving tribute now with admiration.

Feel their spirit hovering round
Mournful with tenderness the sound
Bitter-sweet with solemn joy
Seeing a heavenly convoy
Sent to carry a soul home
To, for life lived, atone.
While taps soft and sweet is played
Grown sudden in a garden far away arrayed

Sweet-and-sour memories linger
Taps thickly heavy with honor
Elicited sympathy o’er you rending
Heavenly choir ringing
Cherubic angels singing.
Loving burdened by caring;
Silent voices emit the primal scream
All unseen…

Taps sweet melody transcending
From this frail life to the next sending
From mortal existence
Drug through the valley of indifference
Feeling pain and sorrowed innocence
Sent home to God’s pure essence
Celebrate the beleaguered soul purified
In this moment by the Almighty sanctified.