Gary Jacobson


We are patriotic lemmings going over a cliff
Shoulder to shoulder into the briny rift
Hundreds upon hundreds fall to their death
Followed by hundreds of others for freedom’s fair breath
We are lemmings. We dare not question why
Ours but to do or die.

We do not question this war’s wrongs or right
But charge on blindly into the fight
Our battle cry to “stay the course.”
Our duty over the cliff of course
Follow the others, our leader’s will indorse.
We dare not question why
For ours is but to do or die.

It has always been so
So into the valley of Persia’s golden scimitar we go
Ordered to vanquish the evil axis foe
Ours not to question the cause
Ours not to pause
Thousands upon thousands follow the leader over the hill
Into the foamy brine his edicts to fulfill.

We must be silent, if patriots we would be
We must not call attention, you see
To brother lemmings falling into the sea
We must not point out this war’s mistakes
But close our eyes as our brother lemmings war takes
We are brave lemmings who do not question why
Ours but to do… or die.

This is a response to the poem, “Silencer” ©Copyright October 20, 2006 by Nancy L. Meek