Gary Jacobson


Semper Fi…
How hallowed the phrase, Semper Fi
Marine speak for do or die
There is no want… there is no try
For a United States Marine
Best damned fighting machine the world’s ever seen
Proudly Marine’s bear America’s banner in honored tradition
Semper Fi meaning never tolerating rebellious sedition
For good men, brave and true
Who evil eschew
From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli
Bearing patriot’s pure dreams for liberty
Fighting battles that keep free men free
Watch-guards of our countries right
Vanguards to the fight
Battling for freedom’s brave light
Since way back in time
Marines have walked the line
Though knowing good and true men may fall
The best of men bearing the honor of us all
Brothers… devil-dogs
Who machination of evil clogs
Sinister plan of evil-doers wrecks
Brave men hearing the call
Standing proud and standing tall
For America…
Through ancient beat or modern metallica
Borne a glory from sea to shining sea, for America
Marines glory, laud and honor esoterica
Doing tough duty ordained on high
Where blood, sweat, and tears sanctify
Preserving this land’s blessed divinity for you and I
Semper Fi…