Gary Jacobson


Sacred honor
That unwavering vehicle of life’s tenor
Tis bearing solemn duty
Much more than willingness to serve our country
More than ardent love of life’s great bounty
More than reverence for parents
More than veneration for societal tenets
More than mere tradition honoring the ancients.

Sacred honor ‘tis but a vibration of the immortal
Mankind’s evidence of the Supernal
Divinity in every word and deed eternal
Tis freedom’s sacred bread and wine
Exalting man’s higher nature time-after-time
Extolling hallowed virtue sublime
Worshipping with worthy respect life devotions
Celebrating liberty given in venerable consecrations.

Christian soldiers manifest God’s goodly life
With Sacred honor endure the strife
Their helmet, buckler and shield sanctity
Wearing the armor of integrity
Examples in every word and deed in dignity
Their sword of righteousness unvarnished truth
Rising lofty above pride and ego forsooth
Soldiers bring to men an accountability
Justice for all a priority
Values filling noble hearts with morality.