Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: Remember the POW/MIAFriday is a most hallowed day
Set aside to remember POW/MIA
Oh how these glorious men suffer from war still
Bitter sweet rancor lonely hearts must fill
Men now by the cruel enemy enslaved
Men who but to touch their homeland craved
Captured in defense of what they truly believed
Can’t help wondering why a nation they so loved
Would abandon them
Could turn their backs and forget them…

To be abandoned is the cruelest pain
Constantly showered on them in the monsoon rain
For weren’t these indeed the stout and brave
Sent mankind’s freedom to save
Courageous men by precepts of honor conceived
Now by their very own deceived
As if they never were, suffering to the very end
Their wounded hearts in the vale forever rend
Cast aside men our Uncle Sam did send
Lost in the shadow of vile death disillusioned
Of the very freedom they fought for deprived
Liberty forsaken by death most sorely grieved.