Gary Jacobson


Punji stakes are a soldier’s bane
Set precisely to cause him great pain
Shards of carefully sharpened bamboo
Angled behind logs GIs step over… peekaboo!
Or spread by the acre
Gotcha! smiles that dirty Vietcong wiseacre.

Charlie would rather wound than kill you
With Punji stakes dipped in a special excrement stew
Better the infection to bring to me and you
And it’s not because Charlie’s suddenly nice
Giving to soldiers this infectious jaundice
This booby-trap fills a need to do the greatest harm in malice.

It takes more men to care for wounded than the dead
Medics, doctors, nurses, hospitals to house the sick bed
Costing much more money to give a soldier back his health
Besides, it’s just more fun for the malignant VC hiding in stealth
To do his enemy great injury without himself exposing
Without his motley hide endangering.

Gary Jacobson: Punji Stakes
Punji Stake Pit Trap unearthed