Gary Jacobson


One foot lies still in the raucous past,
Evoking sweet and sour memories of lifetimes last.
One foot lies on the threshold of the future
Bogged down there, forget the optimistic adventure.

One foot long ago an imprint casts,
An expenditure of history’s devastating blasts,
Shadows of men no more than bestial creatures.
Tied to ancient divestiture a soul captures.

From blackened orange in men yet screaming,
In jungle green, vibrant, horrid past, still dreaming?
Go quiet mid turmoiled dye to that fatal rest
Foggy death will attest.

Young boys who suffered a greenstick fractured past,
Up and down life’s rollercoaster quickening fast,
Yield to minds and souls devastating forfeiture.
Soar above worlds whose very skies enrapture.

Nature makes of a warrior’s soul indentures,
Forevermore in wonderment of Holy Scriptures,
Of deeds with meaning monumental to the past,
By and by finitely aghast.

One foot has walked through the valley of hells,
Led by forces of hatred to places Satan dwells,
Sent to route out his evil designs,
To quell memory of one foot caught in violent times.

Forever in faded literature, war’s a hoary picture,
So this young man’s venture,
Bondage binding as a corded ligature,
Swallowed good life much as a vulture.