Gary Jacobson


Anthony W.  Pahl OAM
With gratitude to my Aussie mate and IWVPA Webmaster, Anthony W. Pahl OAM
My friend, Tony, for your noble service sublime
offering of your valuable time
to record memories rhyme
I hold your industriousness truly in awe
for you nightly trod writings penned from the devil’s own maw.

You chronicle times of that bestial carnivore called war…
for brothers/sisters of the tempest and the sword
ingraining their thoughts in IWVPA annals of record
so we will not forget
so others will not repeat its history with regret…

Tony, you are loved… to so many held most valuable,
a man with goodness truly incredible,
inspiring and carrying you to great heights substantial
a man among men
born of the dusky shadows of Vietnam
a place abounding in memory of fear, death and horror
abiding long entrenched in being from stress-laden furor
where we sowed the whirlwind and reaped the torrent
harvesting beaucoup haunting memories to man abhorrent.

Tony, you are well-loved, so sleep well this night,
for you have worked well from first dawning’s bright…
past sunset into nights deep dark fold,
where the promise whispered is by angels told,
Where thoughts of a warm bed does hold…
your bedtime indeed well-earned and merited…
having given your time by others seeming so coveted,
almost demanded.

So thy sweet person, Tony, angels now keep,
both day and night heaven’s bounty’s you’ll reap,
Celestial blessings from thine labors poured upon your head,
for you’ve given the world that which fellow poets said,
memories from the intrinsic heart bled
making possible the past will not be forgotten… but read
Read of times that in the souls of men still burn
Read to of both valor and folly learn…