Gary Jacobson


Nam’s Diatribe
Today lives on within me
Today, its abusive aura still haunts me
Today, its bitter taste still terrorizes me
Coloring all present events with its knowing
Firmly planted in the past, yet today still growing
Propagating seeds of discontent sowing.

Nam’s Diatribe
Shares dreams of ghastly war to which our young imbibe
To which unfortunate innocents even today ascribe
Forever reliving Nam’s bitter memory inconclusive
Forever questioning young “boys next door” grimly abusive
Delving the depths of praise and denunciation
Boiling over unceasingly since that war’s very creation.

Nam’s Diatribe
Brave men still find it hard to fully describe
Realistically sparking learned discourse,
Knowing you never really know unless you were there,
See the dying from rankled detractors, of course
Giving questioning lectures without remorse
Talking as if they knew well the source…

Nam’s Diatribe
Did hating around too young hearts circumscribe
With cruel war to fragile senses most intensive
Repetition wearing away death’s fears apprehensive
Over time, this grim pastime wars to the young give
Forever Nam’s boys relive its streaming invective
Remembering still, buddies gathered souls collective.

Know this, that wars are just a consuming Diatribe
To which young boys gung-ho naïve did once subscribe
Challenging the best of efforts to describe
Forever boring holes in their souls
Forever distorting “the world” around them now whole
Embedding forever a new set of senses
Memories forever refracted through veteran eye lenses.