Gary Jacobson


Oh that Sandbag bunker Condo
On the South China Sea
Where every day I blow a kiss
To my baby across that heartbreak sea from me
May it remain forever in its bliss
Its good times in the worst of times memory remiss
That lovely-awful-horrid to this day haunts me
In daily memory torments me desperately

Doing my best impersonation of Rambo
In my lovely Sandbag bunker Condo
Oh, lonely me
On the South China Sea
Its sandbag roof repels pesky grenades right handily
Raining down like the monsoon rain
Bringing their own kind of eternal pain
With their sweet-and-sour sing-song
Those friendly Vietcong
Who would never ever do you no wrong?
Watching azure blue waves going in and out
Makes me wish to this day I too could go out
To escape the bullet with my name on it
Outside the wire just hangin’ about
It don’t mean nuthin’, that ol’ metal shard
Waiting on the other side of a solemn desert spread
To the jungle beyond the graveyard
Where eternal shadows embed
Wait to deliver my fate
This cannon fodder GI just so much bait.

I laugh and I cry when I think of LZ Betty
Fondly of its dinky dau life so gritty
Where I laughed … and I wait
For intemperate spirits irate
That wish me harm
Every fiber of being sounding the alarm
The primal scream
My death a bad dream
Over and over and over
Till its over…