Gary Jacobson


No, more than that … exceeding terrible
What man to man will do
With vile hatred to man pursue
A design evinced to reduce mankind
A plan to unalienable freedom bind
To organize the plot
To contrive mass killing and burying.

Oh the premeditated travesty
The inanity
Manifest in utter inhumanity
What raging fire of caustic carnage
Propels bitter pogrom’s inane barrage
Inspires despotism to push a race to extinction
What preparation
Utterly abandoning a people to desperation.

This cup of madness was drunk by a madman
But a million countrymen said amen
Let us wield your sword of hate
Let us join in this holocaust irate
To ratchet up the torment
To revel in the tortured covenant
Let us offer to the devil oblation
His hatred spewing epicurean creation.

Let us go goose stepping to the bloody abyss
This land caught up in rapaciousness
Stooping to Godless mass murder
Decimation of souls in horrific slaughter
Frame the bloody blueprint with terror
Intrepid our heroic horror
To make the whole world grieve
Moral innocence no longer naïve.

Deviltry marked man’s carnivorous cruelty
Combining viciousness with insanity
Race-cleansing profanity
With the need to purify their seed
This nationalistic pride
For which the whole world cried
For macabre sin of the devil’s advocate
Inspiring a legion of hate.

Barefaced atrocity
Embodies their sheer depravity
Where malignant evil lives on in infamy
Decadence rushing to palpable debauchery
Feeding mankind’s grotesqueness
Carnal evil of innate brutishness
Borne in savage pridefulness
Grown with cankered monstrousness.

The holocaust revealed man’s bestiality
With one man’s bastard legacy
Who slithered from under a rock darkly sinister
Revealed the worst of body and spirit bitter
Lowering to new depths morbidly
Seeking a kingdom impurity free
To cleanse all vestiges of humanity
Wallowing in barbarism’s immorality.

Have we now advanced to respect
A neighbor’s difference elect
To forever embrace harmony
To seek God’s face with great integrity?
May peace forever man’s leavened heart satiate.
May love for our fellow man take the place of hate.

Though I am not a Jew devout
Nor gay ~ nor gypsy roustabout
Nor one handicapped whom evil winnowed out
I feel their holocaust of historical pain
Great tears falling with monumental disdain
Fall on us all as heaven-distilled rain
May dignity never again be slain
To our lives by such hatred stain.