Gary Jacobson


War forever reminds its minions of the pains
Held still by angst’s ivory chains
Encompassing generations with war’s stains
Boys of honor by their country maligned
Still fighting a fight never left behind in mind
Disinherited by countrymen irate
Mankind blaming boy soldiers for Vietnam’s fate.

Boys forevermore ensnared in hell’s pit
Mankind’s greed snarling their spirit
Changing forever the threatened calm
Battle scarred minds needing healing balm
Boys holding that free spirit, free no more
Golden dreams eluded by dinky dau war.

Angst’s ivory chains
Leave on the soul war’s stains
Rife with anxiety intense apprehension
Breeding depression.

Brothers of the sword…
To live, you must face angst’s ivory chains
Face-to-face fight war’s weary after-pains
Wash from your mind recurrent bloodstains
What remains in forever fears complains
Festering in young princes fevered brains
Take up anew the inheritance of your chatelaines.