Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: Independence DayWhile enjoying picnics, baseball games, races run
Remember Fourth of July’s real meaning.
Remember how our independence was won,
When rockets’ red glare came screaming…

Our nation’s most priceless gift
Was a freedom declaration
Bought through battle’s independence rift
Forming a vibrant new nation,
Watched from the ramparts with elation.

To preserve this liberty from time to time
Americans have walked the walk,
Brave men have walked the line,
True men have talked the talk,
Their heritage honoring by freedom loving
Fighting valiantly to save
From twilight’s bastions last gleaming
This home of the brave.

Now as our nation’s birthday draws near
Remember those who shed their blood for you
Give rounds of applause, a hearty cheer
For those who answered the call to duty do
Their tribute should every ear hear.
Celebrate those who on faraway soil did bleed and die
When the red, white and blue streaks the sky.

Patriots died that our children might breathe free
In this hallowed land of liberty
To honor our forefather’s brave views
For America’s great destiny
Lies in its right wise precepts to choose
Or our brave country lose.

So ever hail the red, white and blue,
Raise her banners high and higher,
To on this day bring teary eyed dew
Celebrate with fireworks last gleaming fire
Rockets’ red glare…
Bombs bursting in air
By dawns early light
Unfurl our stars and stripes valiant might
Hoping never in vain will be our righteous fight
Praying nevermore will fears and hatreds affright
Trusting always in duty forthright
Believing in its star spangled delight
Faithfully offering our most revered birthright.

Vet’s honor our grand old flag…
With supreme patriotism
That’s no brag…
Displaying gallant heroism
For our freedom they fought
Sacrifices given stalwartly
Hallowed liberty sought
That our flag will into the annals of history
Fly forever o’er the land free men save
Long may she wave over the home of the brave…