Gary Jacobson


In The Midst Of AfflictionIn the midst of mine affliction
Thrust into warring worlds of dereliction
Left behind fields strewn with Cong carrion
Vile death all round reigning supreme
Tossed into this irreverent world to blaspheme
Weary of this wanton war passing unclean.

I am war, the prideful master of death
The usurper of humanity’s last breath.
Bearing the war weapons of the conqueror
My duty pledged in defense of the holy emperor
Challenging worthy values in senseless gore
Flourishing in gardens of the almighty god of war.

Grant me now discerning power mid war’s destitution
Bless now thine son, Oh Lord, with thine Divine conviction
Make my course bold with truth in duty bright
That I may truly hold thy scepter of righteous light
Brandishing light to chase away the darkness
To sweep away this fetid night of bleakness.

On bended knee, I come before thee Lord
With prayer to wield a more righteous sword
With hope to forsake this pawn of greed
With faith to put off this sanctimonious seed
To forego wielding hatred’s anger extreme
Bowing to the Devil’s great scheme.

I am a soldier in freedom’s army. A soldier
A plowman to mark the way before, in strength mightier
The leading vestige of a free democracy
First to wage the good fight for right theocracy
Catapulted into the face of war in unbridled youth
Thy bastion of honored truth.

Oh, I toss down my warrior’s gauntlet
Take upon me God’s gloried amulet
Bearing the mighty arm of a nation’s right
Mine armor a bastion of truth in light
Mine shield defending against slings of the wicked
Sword and buckler deflecting warmonger arrows insipid.

I wear the helmet of the Savior’s warrior
Manifest in mine crusade for Christian behavior
Sitting atop a high hill, defending right from wrong
My message heard by the world in angelic song
This holy nation’s vestal right
The oppressed standing again under righteous might.

©Copyright July 2007 by Gary Jacobson