Gary Jacobson


Honor the beloved memory
of those who are, or have served in the military
even Warriors who gave their all
… for us;
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice
… for us

So, please, honor past and present soldiers beloved memory
Give tribute to their unexcelled bravery
Honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
brothers, fathers, sons, friends, loved ones
who rolled the fated dice
Who gave beloved life
For they loved their country more than life
Patriotic spirit’s burning within patriot heart’s rife
Preserving our sweet liberty
Borne beyond great honor in duty
In honored dignity
… for us
Remember these brave warriors who gave their all
Standing brave and standing tall
… for us.

For us they paid a suffering debt
May we never forget…
Really, May we never forget…
To cherish freedoms they gave us without regret.
To make our liberty and freedom stand for something
With Star Spangled remembrance loudly sing
May our freedom bell’s with proud joy ring…
That can be heard from heaven’s celestial ramparts
To light a fire in your hearts
Enough to warm the very face of God
Bring eternal peace to America’s greening sod.