Gary Jacobson


Hello God, I’m a soldier
Risen from the fighting far below.
I’ve sacrificed my life in war’s bloody frontier
Contending for right till I felt that final blow.

I wonder if here there’s a place for me
Who fought the good fight on earth so brave and bold.
Is there a place for men of liberty
On heavenly streets paved with gold?

I come on golden stairway to heaven, humbled before Thee.
Relieve Thee mine foolish war trapping’s absurd.
Oh gracious Savior grant me this approbation’s decree
Accept this weary warrior into Thy fold by celestial word.

To avail sweet peace, this grizzled warrior
Seeks serenity’s happiness at Thy throne.
I will obey Thy will, not mine be done, sweet Savior
Melt mine sword into plowshares, at Thy command,
lain shield and buckler by to atone.

Slings and arrows of war I’ve forsaken
Repudiating the ways of man’s inhumanity to man
In Holy vows of purest love I’ve taken
Learning life’s lessons taught below in conflicts of man.

Dear Lord, I know there are causes worth fighting for
Love, honor, and integrity… that men might be
I bow to heavenly law that on earth Jesus bore
I’m now in God’s Army, defending Divinity,
in tranquility.

I’m once more gung-ho for Christ
A Christian soldier in paradise
In virtuous battle ready to pay any price
Put on the armor of righteousness against my foe…
Put off this worlds sin and vice.