Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson
Gary Jacobson
Dear Lord, I’ll earn my stripes as a heavenly draftee
Thee wilt see!
Fresh bore from war; I’ll be all the combat ready angel I can be
Deploying newbie angels to paradisiacal booneys with glee
To join forces with me, to insure heaven stays free.

First I’ll establish a perimeter of defense with my mates
Around Thy Holy base camp at the Pearly Gates.
From “palace guard” into the Netherworld I’ll fire-for-effect;
Establish a field of fire citizen angels to protect.

I’ll guard Thy Celestial Kingdom from denizens of hell
Who I got to know in Nam pretty durn well.
While walking thy golden streets on patrol
I’ll give evildoers heavenly hell, my M-16 on rock-an-roll!