Gary Jacobson


Picasso: Face of Peace
Picasso’s “Face of Peace”
Give peace a chance,
In politics’ wearying dance.
Before to talks of fighting,
Intolerant dying,
Ye nations of the world advance:
Be ever mindful of circumstance circumspect –
Always on the Divine reflect.

For peace to be the way in tolerance chose,
I share this humble prose.
Talk not with hateful avarice,
Nor combative malice,
To attain peace’s cup, the Godly entice!
Learn of the folly
To another in a series of wars-to-end-all-wars imbue,
With all your beings pursue!
Walk ye ever softly
In every action ye say and do.
A peaceful life will most surely ensue!

Yet know – peace only works if the enemy knows
That though softly ye walk deftly,
Ye also carry a big stick.
To defend life, freedom and justice pick,
And are not afraid to thump him quick
If he gets out of line, and his traces kick.

Hearken to a pearl of great price,
Patience in cause of right ‘tis no vice.
If enemies trod on thine toes once, then twice,
Their proverbial butts kick…
Give them a goodly lick.
The wanton ways of the world
In all ye say and do rectify!
Evil miscreants defy!

For America, and brave Americans,
Stand unafraid to use all might
To stand behind what’s right!
American warriors should stand always for justice.
And know where there is injustice,
Do not test us!
Yet for peace implore,
God’s love and brotherhood to the world restore.
Let cruel war be a thing of the past,
The very last alternative – last gasp.

Let eternal wisdom be a trusting guide.
In every action let shining precepts abide.
Ever keep “Sterling Right” on our side.
Through turbulent waves tossing to and fro,
Be not so quick, seeds of war to sow:
Use God given, insightful discernment,
Use purest wisdom’s government
To achieve every action in Divine justice.
Beget heavenly providence.

Yet tell the greed born oppressor,
Think not of walking all over peoples lesser,
Mistaking peaceful meekness
For weakness.
For when a man unjustly wields power,
Speaking with malcontent dour
Speaking long and loud from Babel’s contentious tower,
Speaking with rattling swords, not common reason,
Turning deaf ear to pleas for a peaceful season.
Give him cause to fear the big stick;
Without delay wield it quick.
For if evil men know you’ll with impunity use it,
Evil men will dare not abuse it!

When wisdom is right,
Carry the good fight:
Use wisely a nation’s oppressive might…
Fight the good fight!
Make a quick end of it…
In defense of a righteous cause
Without question or pause.
Preserve bastions of freedom,
Instill love in a just world’s righteous kingdom.
Grant our babies the chance to live to grow old.
With principles of purest right, truth enfold,
In loving peace administered aggressively,
Eternally bold
What a blessed joy to behold!