Gary Jacobson


For I died for thee
Died that you might be
That brothers brave above my moldering grave
May fight on, mankind’s liberty to save
Ever giving battle for the righteous might
Might continue to fight the good fight.

For I died for my country
To keep us brave! To keep us free
I died so in radiance ever bright
Might burn freedom’s light
To before a despots raucous glee
Never have to bend subservient knee.

For truly, in faithfulness I gave my all
In friendship that you might stand tall
In brotherhood to maintain the sacred truth in veracity
Bearing this nation’s virtue in integrity
Shining purity in a brave new destiny
Of love, of honor, of loyalty in fidelity.

For to a warrior’s glory
This cavalier as in the age-old story
Has taken that last helicopter ride
For in the stead of thee I died
Gone now to heaven’s reward on the other side
To Fiddler’s green to eternally bide.

For I’ve now placed the mantle of protector of the right on thee
Defending self-determination for all the world to see
To promote the concept of freedom
To restore to the world a patriot’s wisdom
To set bastions of our ideals high on a hill
To bring justice for all, what a glorious thrill.

Gary Jacobson: Forget-Me-Not