Gary Jacobson


Fire Mission: 1966 - 1967 Vietnam
Fire Mission: 1966 - 1967 Vietnam
3/82 Artillery, 196th Light Infantry Brigade
Fire mission, fire mission; rain on me
Our compounds overrun with fighting mad VC
Let them taste US artillery
Send thunder guns brimstone decree
Victor Charlie’s in the wire
Send us your fury to inspire
Rain Hell’s angelic shells of mighty submission
To put their fighting in remission

Fire mission,
Fire mission
Rain on me
We’re deadly desperate can’t you see
Reach out and touch someone tonight
By the dawn’s early light
Make them run from your fiery demolition
Send them all to hell’s oblivion

Fire mission, fire mission
Their force your mighty guns can decommission
Rain on my position
Or I’ll nevermore daylight see
Rain on me
Victor Charlie’s in the perimeter
A call to cease and desist send by airmail letter
Your missive intemperate souls to blister

Fire mission, fire mission, they’re all over us,
Fighting mad and in such a fuss
We’re dug in pretty deep
Herald angels to keep
Holding on for dear life, so rain on me
Heavy with good old USA artillery
Make Charley from our palace guard for his life flee
0 rain your fiery rain on me