Gary Jacobson


Endless war raging in my heart
Impart a deadly virus in past greening jungle’s did start
Where war’s fingers from long ago reached out
Welcoming demons, still coming with hue and shout
Belching fire and smoke, they burn bridges reaching above
Raging flames torching ones I dearly love.

I strive to stifle the flames
Burning other Nam mind games
With my senses in here-and-now reality
Still fighting wars-to-end-all war insanity
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Peaceful balm of Gilead would I borrow.

Yet angry thoughts adhere, sticky, aromatic, resinous.
O protect me from times so treacherous.
Save me from evils my soul infatuate.
Dissolve cankerous lesions making me feel inadequate.
Rule my heart, my mind, my body, where lies forever anxiety.
Lead me through those pathways of impropriety.

Make this warrior whole again
This boy, this man, step out and face the world again
From things I buried down deep unburdened
By Thy Holy Might my unwieldy, chastened load, released
That I might again believe
Thy great blessings receive.

Gary Jacobson: Endless War