Gary Jacobson


As I cringe, hearing once again our national lie
That once sent me to the jungle to do or die
A knowing lie gnashed through teeth to win support of war’s bias
To alter inclination’s judgment in this crisis
Lying rhetorically doesn’t matter, men platonically decry
Lying doesn’t matter, for the end justifies the means when evil is nigh.

Jeeze, can’t they see… we’ve been to war too many times before
So why should we now a good war deplore
Just buckle up for your country sky high
As they did in the past, send our young to die!
Lies give all to justify the lies preference
Told through Cheshire smiles to instill patriotic prejudice.

Yet even those who’ve survived war’s gamut, survived war’s past lie,
Decry, that guy must have his values forgotten, that war-torn guy
With war’s bitter aftertaste, forever for lost values to cry
War’s fought for good reason, doesn’t he know why?
After all, it’s so simple… just take out the bad guy
Don’t worry about ethnic and traditional allies gone awry
Surely friends’ll sit still, let that bad guy be a fall guy.

If we do not punish him now, it’s our duties dereliction
It’s not like Arabs see it as an assault to their holy religion
Pre-emptive crusades will make them all Christian
The reason for this war, so simple to me,
We owe it to the future, to make him free…
Make him more like me.

Yes, men think the end justifies the means in lying fabrication
Influencing patriotic men to war, a little white-lie exaggeration
OK, OK, for to choose our right they give blatant distortion
So what, give facts a little abracadabra spin of falsification
To get people on our side we needed a little equivocation
So we employ a dipsey doodle dose in truth’s prevarication.

We’ll show’m what’s right, free from their tyrants dereliction
Desert nomads just have no democratic conviction
So make’m eat precepts of our constitution
They don’t know how good they’ve got it
So we’ll force-feed our democracy to them bit by bit
Why oh why won’t they accept freedom’s seed
We have so much to give… we know they need.