Gary Jacobson


No matter how much training you’ve received
How much bravado adept with weapons of war believed
When you’ve never wall-to-wall fear perceived…
Combat is something you could never imagine
Not in your worst nightmare envision…

Nothing can prepare you for that!

War’s a real attitude adjustment
Just knowing you can die at any moment
Knowing men out there plan precisely your death
Fear insatiable with every fetid breath…
Preoccupied with it
Dedicated to it…

Nothing can prepare you for that!

Before your eyes smatterings of life quickly deteriorate
Into a mushy mass life will your smoking gun obliterate.
It wears on you…
Indelibly changes you…
Forever awestruck in ways no surgeon can fix.
Lifelong horrors… guilt buried deep in your soul transfix.

Nothing can prepare you for that…

When the country which sent its young princes off to war
Was not there to welcome home our soldiers anymore
Distressed soldiers bruised by it…
Bloodied and torn in body and spirit
Found Hope dashed from princely inheritance dispirited
Hope banned by prevailing establishment disinherited…

Nothing can prepare you for that!

Submitted for the November 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Cost