Gary Jacobson


Marines on Mutter Ridge
Marines on Mutter Ridge
Soul so weary
Tossed, lost, and oh so dreary
Dead-eyed bleary
Coming back from the fighting
Almost dying
In Vietnam war tumultuous
Lost along the way my innocence
All in my life held virtuous
Misplaced sacred values in the tempest forlorn
Gone the faith I based my life on
Disoriented, the best of me cut ‘n’ shorn
Spirit misused
By the sleight of “the man”
The cunning craftiness of his hatred plan
Fighting for survival in a beleaguered land
What a high price for your freedom we paid
Still looking for redemption
Trying to make the hate to loving transition
Trying to mask the killer in Nam I’d become
In my year of the gun
Under the blistering, hot, Vietnamese sun…

I knocked at your door
I think I know you from before
Please let me in I implore
Just come from riding a hateful beast called war
Give my impoverished soul relief
Give me succor to restore my belief
Lift up my faith in my fellow man
Help me again to understand
Comfort my soul
Lift me out of this contentious hole
Show the way again to trust
Lead me
Guide me
Walk beside me
I will try your sensibilities not to disgust
For I am a child again you see
Needing refreshing food and drink
For to rebuild the tarnished soul
My humanities death on the brink
Misplaced my life’s goal…
Are you there,
Are you there,
I cry in the silence
Save me I pray from this castigated violence…

But I saw and heard nothing from you…
But Closed doors!