Gary Jacobson


Bravery is the outer manifestation of inner being
Mankind willing to act on intrinsic believing
No matter in obsidian darkness or shadowed crevasse
Moral traits do unaltered beauty possess
Rudimentary law principally organic in a soul’s array
Those speaking in fire and spirit take the brave day

Bravery is inner virtue established in outer ethics
Basic character principles to the flame wicks
Displaying inescapable standards
Ruggedly in a warrior’s absolute fortitudes
Inexorable heart faith exudes
From a firm cornerstone of eternal attitudes

Bravery stands against assailing winds unafraid
Sacred stillness wilting not before evil’s tirade
Using humanities free will in justice to abrade
Deriving strength from rigors faced alone
Forever hallowed bravery for fault to atone
In shining right proud and tall as a stone

True bravery does not immorality condone
Cowing not in cankered battle’s killing zone
Oozing courage to the bone
Standing valiant to ending sight
Ever stalwart in the cause of right
In word and deed fight the good fight

Bravery is not by the carnal mocked
Nor by a cantankerous world shocked;
Basic formulas of life persevere in a heart locked
Within and without greater morality lies intact;
Outward action a divine contract
To save humanity from horrors forever abstract.

Bravery hears a patriot’s call
Committed to right wrong’s downfall
Bravery’s answer in requisite righteousness all
By youths puerile spirit in freedoms predicated
In permanence unalterable precepts dedicated
In life celebrated – in deed validated,
In heaven consecrated!

Bravery is the essence of heart lovingly built
Fabric of a soul’s marrow woven into life’s quilt
An eternal rock born of principles played to the hilt
Living for values irrevocably true
On consecrated foundations honored sanctity imbue
Bravery abiding spiritual ideals roots old yet new.