Gary Jacobson


Looming death… only a whisper away;
Every moment adrenaline pumping, every hour, every day
Just boys grown old, going about war’s business
Life and death, ever on the line assiduous

Boys enmeshed in this tempestuous time of trial
Walk the rim of existence with denial
Boy Scouts on a “big camp out,” tune out war’s reality
Hoping by laughing and talking, to ignore danger’s futility.

Push away vengeful thoughts of war by living
Ground pounding klick after klick into oblivion
Playing hide-and-seek, score kept with the body count, grunt
One foot after the other going on a Cong hunt.

Pursue the wily, hairy beast
Yet think not about what will happen after killing’s feast
Shuck war’s ogre of insanity down deep in your soul
Or you’ll surely go crazy in this hell-hole.

So go on crawling in your knock-down world
Fly your virginal patriotism unfurled
Be all you can be, a red-blooded pepper
Till comes the inevitable day you must pay the piper.