Gary Jacobson


Gary stands guard while his buddy sets trip-flaresBeen 35 years since I rode the beast
Where ravishing war upon body and soul did feast
Yet I still can taste its quiet…
Smell the incessant noise I cast a distressed eye at
Still to this day humping, worrying, waiting, watching
Constantly gazing back there with foul intent staring.
We old warriors now are but bystanders at the parade
Past provocateurs, forever lost in war’s amoral charade.

Still I wonder what we’ve learned in this heinous crusade
Venturing out again and again to face a contentious blade
Riding in pious right’s patriotic brigade
Constantly out of place, still stepping out of rhyme
In nonconformity out of step with the time
Wherein does violent America’s character incurably abide
Constantly remembering a trip back to the venal dark side.
Sent to a nation its rights to débride.

Veterans still pose concern for the nation’s politic polity
Patriotism betimes providing thoughts mercenary
Provoking right or left, war and peace deciding
Wrong or right evoking
Perturbing anxieties constantly tapping
War’s past memory still brings on fearing
Constant cacophonies in minds always clamoring
Anxiously fretting about what’s happening.

I constantly feel strange at the unease…
Spawned 35 years ago across the seas
Seeds planted long ago mid summer’s killing breeze.
Won’t someone this boy’s disquiet appease?
Rest from war’s clamors is all I ask; please
Cure me from war’s unholy disease.
To stomp terra I think oft
Stop the world, I want to get off.