Gary Jacobson


Here I lie wrapped in folds of battle’s grim fate
Still at times mid greening jungles irate
Elephant grass filled with consummate hate
Monsoon mist blanketing my world gray as slate
Far and away from homeland’s shore
Riding a bestial ogre called war
A year hearing gunfire’s dismal roar
Again eyes burning
Again guts churning
Fighting men, brothers, all around me dying…

Glad to see every morning’s sun
My best friend, my companion, my gun
Held ever by my side in battles fought and won
Keeping company in night’s darkness deep
From a grave below verdant soil keep
Where for eternity brave men fitfully sleep
Hearing whispered voices
Exploding crescendo noises
Powerful fists of suppression creep
Seeds of war reap a deadly harvest of life so cheap…

Now, years have fled, my gun’s but rust
Remembering still war’s blood lust
Remembering brothers who played
Who laughed
Who joked
Who watched my back
Now resting in mother earth’s dark crack
Friends laid low in yon battlefield dust
No longer to feel foul war wind’s awful gust…

The pain still comes over fortified ramparts from afar
Burned deep where old wounds have left their scar
Needing healing forever my heart still weeping
In honor of egregiously old times seeping
In old eyes forever young
Forever will imperceptible exploits escape pen and tongue
Of indelible memories still keeping
To honor brothers never forgetting…

Tell our brave history heartbreakingly wrung
Ringing the stories loudly like bells on high rung
Singing true warrior’s songs ever with bravado sung
For though I now labor to grow a greater peace
In my heart the battle will never cease
So tell its tales to gain from future battles
Future brother’s release…

Gary Jacobson: Battles Then And NowGary Jacobson: Battles Then And Now