Gary Jacobson


Hark the brave patriot who hears noble clarion call
Trumpeting each generation to arms for all
Aye, therewith men gone anon to wrong aright
Thro murky shadow of day come night
Peradventure to shed dear life’s precious blood
Alack, mayhap, betwixt thwack and thud
Running hither and thither in wild and angry wood
Twixt desert and gnarled forest for the brotherhood.

Homeland fat-cats rattle bloody sabers to exhort
Purring from their perches on high to evildoers thwart
By ‘their’ good will to brave and true men life abort
Thus does war life’s perplexity numb
Sullying war’s reputation with M-16 staccato rhythm
Pounding the killing’s gawd-awful disdain
Prithee, in ‘their’ words echo the awful refrain
To forevermore reverberate in wearied brain.

O what courage tis erelong met in marry bravery
Bravely true values bemired in miscreant insanity
Their philosophy besmirched by mischief’s knavery
Egad, betimes the forward enemy
Be he swarthy or looking just like me
Tis red-stained by guns rock-and-roll jungle beat
Still seeing heinous oppressors shadow in fervid heat
Yet still envisioning soldiers destined to defeat.

We Boys sent to rid the world of the villainous ilk
To bear reason in truth to sweet-and-sour silk
Twill find death abounding like spilt milk
For once gone, you cannot get life back
So flying black horses on helicopters attack
Hard Corps men through verdant jungles hack
Waging relentless whence so ever yon
For tis said the righteous carry on…
But the righteous will die as well as the others…
Facing the fated sword with brothers.

Alas, the world, exceeding rife with serial war
War that good men say they abhor
Waged from antiquity beforetime
War advocated yet today in many a sweltering clime
With immortal correctness bombs and guns waging
Virtuous goodness thru the muck dragging
Their right supported by champion’s spiritual
Their sooth defended by the supernal moral
Verily, embracing war for worth intellectual
Right or wrong…
War’s deadly song