Gary Jacobson


All gave some.
Some gave all.
All vets answered the call.
All vets deserve to stand hickory tall
Whether combat infantryman,
Airborne or Cavalry
Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army
No paltry cause for cliques to whine
Were you rear Echelon or front line?

No vets should ever be penalized
By their fellows disenfranchised
Because brothers somewhere else were deployed.
Do not ostracize
Abuse or criticize…
Medics, Cooks, Mechanics, Artillery,
Serving in Okinawa, Vietnam, Japan, or Germany.

All did America fine,
Just because they didn’t hang it all on the line.
There is no need of disunion’s discord
Stand arm-in-arm with brothers in accord.
Brave men all,
Patriots all,
American’s all.
Ready to go to war every day…
Serve in whatever way…

Valiant soldiers helped carry the load
Though not piercing fetid jungles
Frightening bold
Dancing Nam’s bloody fest.
Standing proud with America’s best…
His name honored with the warriors.
In service of country there are no schisms,
All soldiers – patriotic prisms,
Reflecting freedom’s refracted bright
Making the world a place of light.