Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: A Soldier's Seven Guardina Angels

Gary Jacobson: A Soldier's Seven Guardian Angels
Seven Guardian Angel Soldiers
Watching over Nam’s contentious combat drills
Observed soldiers defending liberty
Battling dreaded tyranny,
Fighting for a nation’s ideals brave and free,
So far from home,
So scared and so all Alone.

They saw soldiers carry justice to battlefields
Far and away,
In the Nam’s bloody, muddy fray,
Facing horrible death every day.
Fighting with grim mortality,
Still they vied for the Right,
Displaying awesome Might,
To restore to a beleaguered people
Freedoms bright light.

Seven military guardian Angels
Trumpets ringing sweet like Celestial Bells,
Fell out of heavenly Angelic formation
Heading for Nam’s sweet-and-sour destination.
Their wings beating double-time
Scattered smoke-filled clouds
That over this war torn country shrouds,
On a mission to bring sweet saving grace
To see soldiers through this Foul, Festering place.

The first Angel came flying
Above where men lay dying;
Giving soldiers needed Strength
On his shoulders to carry freedom to any length.

A soldier must like his uniform, a nation’s might wear.
For the downtrodden he must truly Care.
He must fight the good fight with mental acuity,
Maintaining vigorous durability.

He must go with Strength into the Vietcong lair,
Stand face to face with Rancorous foes met there.
The sore oppressor he must dare,
To run or fight, never backing down,
Till he, by an Angel’s Strength,
Wears the victor’s crown.

The second Angel comes to all Warriors,
Bestowing divine Courage,
Valor with backbone always a fighting advantage.
A soldier must answer our nation’s call to Patriotism,
Going smack dab into the face of danger with Heroism.
With more than their mouths empowering Values
Wearing hearts on sleeves with Moral Virtues,
For it does no good to Talk the Talk,
Unless first you’ve Walked the Walk,

The third Angel carries with her great robes of Honor
Putting them over the shoulders of a man
That over all within him is Governor
Through mud and blood Honor is a Shining Light
A Beacon that in the soul burns eternally bright,

For Honor is a proud symbol
Bearing Integrity for others to see.
Even foes hold the Honorable man in Respectful Dignity.
Honor bears a goodly Reputation,
A silent Salutation
Trumpeted in Glory,
Its Standard a Magnificent Story
Throughout Venerable Annals of History.

The fourth Angel comes Instilling
In brazen providence most thrilling
In this land of the Free and the Bold
In combatants hearts lies a Bravery
Like burnished Gold
For in life Brash Bravery betimes is Fundamental,
Bold and Swift Action becomes Elemental.

A fifth Angel comes on currents of air riding,
Bearing spirits of Faith deeply Abiding
Granting Hope through the Rigors of War Long-standing
Fighting for the Right, soldiers Preserving
The American way, with their very lives Protecting.

The sixth Angel proffers a controlling Patience
The epitome of goodly battle Sense.
It is said, and it is True,
Patience is a soldier’s greatest Virtue,
That an Angel on a soldier can Imbue.

For in fighting with Patient Spirit,
In Vietnam’s fevered jungle Pit,
In this war of enduring Pain,
That Raises its hoary head Again,
And yet Again.

Of Provocation
Jungle Warriors have all too much Understanding,
Nam’s annoyances wearily Tolerating,
A soldier has to know when to Patiently Sit,
And when it’s time to Hit
Strike out with all your Sh--, uh, er, might.

The leader of the Angels flies Last,
Over the pall grim battle has Cast,
Over the battleground where Brave men Clashed
Above the scarred ground Lowering,
On gossamer wings Soaring.

An Angel borne on wings of endearing Love,
An Angel appearing as a peaceful dove
Bearing truths distilled from Celestial courts Above.
Flying Above shrill battles Clarion Call,
This Guardian Angel flies to the need of soldiers,
Still standing straight and tall.

This Angel’s task is a most difficult Kind,
Engender endearing Brotherhood,
Abiding peace and love in a soldier’s Mind.
Keep strong his deep borne love of Family
And country.
Keep these forever burning in a soldier’s Heart
Long after in this cruel war, he’s done his Part.

Even though soldier’s fought through battle’s gory Mire
Receive a divine speck of love’s sweet Fire
From this Angelic heart Burning,
To give the gift that will set soldiers Free,
From that long ago battlegrounds Misery.

For an Angel’s love is the only Cure
To lift soldiers from a war forced to Endure
Still weighing heavy with weary Conjecture
This plague on a soldiers troubled mind
That only the purest love can find.

Love lives on even after that awful day is Done,
After the combatants course we’ve Run,
Now when we’re old and gray,
From the killing zone far and away,
Soldiers can live with great Dignity,
Bearing Proud Integrity
Bravely Won!