Gary Jacobson


Oh pluck out that bestial ogre, hate
Leading us through war’s infernal gate
Where time and again we reap satanic fate…
Oh, pluck it out before it’s too late
Contentious hate from thy soul dissipate.

Instead in thy most sacred heart sow seeds of love
Long reign that greatest commandment from God above
That a Master’s sweet love may in this weary world increase
Love given man for his brother wilt not cease
Plant ye in fields and vineyards this gospel of peace.

Oh, melt thy implements of war into plowshares;
Winnow out from thy grain fields the evil tares
Make minds torrential stormy seas calmer
Thy battle swords into pruning hooks hammer.
To the Master of peace come near. Come near.

Purge fire and brimstone thoughts from war’s fated year
Soften hardened hearts to dissolve all fear
Make spite, greed and envy from earth disappear
Harvest true brotherly love to all mankind endear
To the Master of peace come near. Come near.

The eternal answer to thy question
To man’s quandary the celestial solution
The heavens sing out with loves sweet equation…
Hallelujah! Gloria in Excelsis Deo!
Only love will pluck mankind from this mortal mire
Eternal love the key which Divine Deities inspire.

This poem was inspired by “Loving, Hating and a Question” ~ ©Copyright January 23, 2007 by Nancy L. Meek