Randy D. Jackson


We met on a field, one summer’s day, were teenaged kids, and loved to play. Had a fight, took time to mend. but after a while, he was my friend. he was polite, said howdy ma’am. we both were sent, to Vietnam. We soared like eagles, until that day. we were invincible, in our birds of pray. I awoke one night, trimbling in fear. somehow I knew, death was near. It happened so fast, with a terible roar, I looked for my friend, he was there no more. I begain to shake, felt all alone. The smoke had cleared, and my friend was gone. I thought i saw him, the other day. just a glimpse, and then he went away. Forgotten sounds, had filled my ears, He looked the same, after all these years. Im haunted by, the tears and fears, on scary nights, when he reappears. He gave his life, for us all, and now his name, is on the wall.

Author’s Note: Here is my poem; you are welcome to post it. It has been stored away for 20 years now and never released anywhere. Even with its flaws I did not want to change it because it would take away from the reason for its creation which was to help me heal!

Take care,
January 12, 2003

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: January 13, 2003
Awarded: January 13, 2003
Webmaster’s Note: Randy’s gift of sharing this poem with me, and allowing it to be published here, is a singular honour. As a poet myself, I had the urge to correct the grammar, syntax and sculpture of the poem but after reading it again and again through the heart of an Australian Vietnam Veteran (with not a few tears welling in my eyes) I realised that to do so would take away the emotional power of the poem.

I am therefore, and after consultation with the IWVPA Award Committee, awarding Randy the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives “Double Tap Award” for War Poetry for this wonderful tribute.

Anthony W. Pahl
January 13, 2003