Charles J. Ingerson



Leaving the present
entering into a void
seeking another hand
finding only twilight.

None seem to see
emptiness’s grasp
carelessly destroying
soldiers living dead.)

Movements Slight

Silence found wanting
shell screaming aloud
hearts mindless afraid
smoke a billowing cloud.

Listening in spite of all
movements slight sought
as danger encroaches
unawares not caught.

Feeling the rapid pulse
watching birds arise
knowing where to aim
destroying any surprise.


Loosely swinging inward
gates unattended clang
locks no longer used
never again the pain.

No crowds peeking inward
no cries left inside
no more hushed children
no nothing here abides.

Recalling old stenches
gleaming weapons bright
found now rotting rusted
is this lonely lost plight.


Burning into the soul
images never forgot
flesh seared as coal
such hell war’s begot.

Carefully not to hurt
removing clothing oft
lone cries not to blurt
tenderly being soft

Witnesses who saw
unable now to rest
horror wars recall
while doing their best.

Angels sent to give
nothing left behind
helping others live
caring love to remind.

Zones of Twilight

Levels of dimness
embrace this sight
killing the brightness
not inviting the night.

Able to peer a far
through smoking haze
unable to discern
the blackened maze

Zones of twilight
inviting each within
starving those there
in shells found thin.


Frequently to visit
knowing well the way
savoring the silence
between this today

Inviting knowing none
the reservation made
in zones of twilight
privacy to invade.)