Charles J. Ingerson



You’re Welcome

You’re Welcome
Proud of ya…
my sons watching you
seeing you’re true
to the red, white and blue.

You’ve made us proud
standing for the right
in any kind of fight
through day and night.

This is just to say
you’re welcome for all
freedom’s founders tall
those to hear futures call.)

Standing Tall

How sadly the day found
when evils have their way
while idiot’s awful sound
giving our rights away.

Saying evil the lesser
but evil’s evil known
making things messier
negotiations blown.

Yet there you’re
standing tall again
following the North Star
without glory or gain.


Born in WWII
a child in Korea
Cuba my first
Vietnam sadly
the Congo too
one of many
blown UN deals.

Older, wiser, grown
seeing a world today
Iraq, Israel, Korea
nothing changed
while so much has
remembering plenty
of history’s seals.


Body bags and counts
names endless to list
heroes made somehow
others to put in time
we’ve known so little
recorded even less
had we only known.

Repeating lessons
hearing the cries
cowards, killers
thick as dead flies
old as time heard
protests by the weak
had they only known.


Allegiance to a nation
taking an oath to protect
giving the world a chance
with hatred to reject

Sworn to obey commandments
understanding Heavenly Father
asking nothing impossible
or not worth the bother.

Taking a stand for truth
seeking peace in this life
not from the worldly things
but within a soul’s strife.


An example for all
doing what’s expected
then so much more
by many so rejected.

But not by those
who thank you say
so shown this love
we you’re welcome pray.

Tears not in vain
our daughters and sons
still fight with honor
facing evil and guns.

Shown grit and sand
by a woman or man
so few understand
then saying, ‘I Can.’


The earth slowly pauses
in its round of the Sun
remembering the losses
past, present, future done.

Hesitating a second still
a moment’s silent prayer
so much of steel will
to care and then share.

You’re welcome all
heard your thanks today
heeding freedoms call
allowing millions to pray.)