Charles J. Ingerson


Beyond the veil
just out of reach
my vision does pale
this gulf to breach.

You’re there I sense
feelings so strong
the fog is so dense
but I’m not wrong.

Many times found
within soft rain
murmured the sound
drenched in pain.

Too many chances
more necessary risk
your complexion blanches
remembered an asterisk.

Too many times known
never me to count
more numbers grown
adding in amount.

Youth not just wasted
recklessly thrown away
games men tasted
in wars of today.

Your Spirit whispers
I feel it day and night
a still small voice recurs
struggling to find light.

As falling down again
unable to you reach
the veil ever so thin
still I cannot breach.


reaching into the past
so many friends gone
yet the friendship to last
to them I’m so drawn.

It isn’t like yesterday
playing and goofing about
never allowed to stray
or in anger to shout.

Frustrated not a goodbye
once in this memory
why did you have to die
leaving me in history?

Your Spirit whispers soft
remembering the good
laughter and warmth oft
nothing like it should.

Your name etched above
I read them every night
sacred whispers wove
escaping in the light.

and then,

I fall asleep somehow
dreaming in my shroud
seeking you just now
within a thundercloud.

Yet to awake alone
screaming to be found
remembering I’m home
rustlings in the sound.

Afraid again to awake
yet never quite asleep
you not I they did take
still unable to weep.)